Cutting tool grinding machine

WZS 70

Large Workspace with
compact dimensions

Automatic grinding
wheel changer

wheel measuring

Workpiece automation

This Tool & Cutter Grinder is a lower priced alternative to the larger WZS 700 machine.
One  15 kW spindle with 2 ends delivers maximum grinding capability with minimum limitations to kinematics. Special attention to quick set-up times was paid during the design process, so that even very small batches can be machined fully automatically.
Very effective production of tools up to 25 mm diameter in small to medium series can
be accomplished.

The compact design is built on a polymer concrete base, which is characterized by high rigidity and excellent dampening. A broad spectrum of different workpiece clamping systems and the programming system NUMROTOplus® in conjunction with direct measuring systems allows for quick and cost effective production and regrinding of high precision cutting tools.

The workpiece spindle is equipped with a direct drive, liquid-cooled spindle reaching up to 1,200 rpm, enabling for optional high speed OD-Peelgrinding.

An optional grinding wheel changer (6x HSK 50) with exchangeable coolant nozzles is available.

Other options include tailstocks, steady rest and high frequency spindles for grinding PCD tool pockets, as well as onboard wheel dressing. For grinding long tools up to 450mm a programmable steady rest is available which can be independently positioned by its own CNC axis.

 The movements of the optional loader are handled by the machine axes, allowing auto loading even into high precision hydraulic expansion chucks. The work piece pallets are located outside the grinding area for anytime access.

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