Cutting tool grinding machine

WZS 700

Large workspace with
high rigidity

Grinding between centers

Automatic wheel changer

Workpiece automation

This Tool & Cutter Grinder was designed to meet the latest requirements for the production of high quality precision tools. The machine is ranged in the higher-powered segment for production of tools larger than 10 mm diameter in medium batch sizes.


A 10-station wheel changer is integrated into the 5-axis machine kinematics. Wheels up to 200mm diameter can be changed in approx. 10 seconds including the coolant nozzles. This feature takes the ever-increasing demand for coolant volume into account and it is patent pending.


High dynamic axes movement is delivered by NUM’s CNC control Flexium in conjunction with the newest servo drive technology BPX.  High-resolution glass scales in all axes guarantee the required accuracy for years to come; all rotary axes are equipped with liquid-cooled direct drives.

The newly developed motor spindle with synchronized technology comes with a torque curve especially laid out for tool grinding with 35 Nm up to 6.000 rpm at 100% ED; at higher ranges 30KW are available at 60% ED.


A polymer concrete machine bed builds the solid base for the compact machine. A 6-axes industrial robot is used for workpiece automation from pallets.

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