End profile grinding machine

SF 40

Variable spindle arrangement
for increased flexibility

(Parallel / Perpendicular)


Grinding of points,
chamfers, radii, steps
in any combination


High accuracy
in contour grinding

Automatic workpiece

This cost-effective cylindrical grinding machine features a 11 kW motor spindle, which can be manually swiveled parallel or perpendicular to the workpiece axis. The machine can be used for end machining of blanks and for the rough grinding of steps with limited length.
A 45° slant bed polymer concrete forms the basis for the compact machine design with
3-axis kinematics. The liquid-cooled grinding spindle can be equipped with three wheels up to 350 mm diameter.

Depending on the clamping system, the workpiece spindle can handle parts up to 32 mm diameter and swallow up to 460 mm length for end working depending on the diameter. One example for this configuration is the preparation of carbide drill blanks for grinding between centers. Point, chamfer and coolant hole connection slot are ground in two clamping.

The axial position of the part, as well as the location of the coolant holes are detected by a probe. In addition, parts can be loaded in the chuck against a stop for grinding to an exact length.

Especially developed cycles within the programming system NUMROTOplus® enable the creation of a variety of different geometries.
Options include automatic loading systems, various clamping systems as well as equipment for peel grinding
of steps and transitions with tight tolerances.

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